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1 year ago
Her acting was so bad i couldnt stpp laugh
Wtf 8 months ago
I stopped rubbing my clit. This bitch is the worst actress ever. Fuckin hell man
Scott 1 year ago
she sure can suck a dick ill give her that!
1 year ago
I can’t imagine what John would’ve done to her if she got in his cab
Can someone fuck me really hard I don’t want my boyfriend anymore
Yoow 1 year ago
Tell to them all I so sorry to see them all
Polo 4 days ago
I'd have pulled her out then started hold her by the legs and start kissing passionately.
4 days ago
I would literally learn Spanish just to spice it up, she's beautiful
Rude whore 2 months ago
She does deserve a rough fuckin
Sadistic ATM machine 1 year ago
Dude!??? You forgot the anal!!!