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DNR 1 year ago
Will someone please put a battery in the darn smoke alarm?
Battery 1 year ago
Doesn't any of the fcking goofball in that room going to change the battery out of the smoke alarm. Jesus fcking christ lol.
1 year ago
Who randomly starts cleaning the railings fr
Flexsex 1 year ago
She has nice tits
Safety 1 year ago
Change the damn battery in the fire alarm.
Fortniteballs 1 year ago
Can y’all be quiet…my mom is gonna hear me
Jerry 1 year ago
How did he not hear her drop that, he must be deaf
1 year ago
Name please
lmfao 1 year ago
hes so casual about it
ttt 12 months ago
Mary Jean is the ultimate sex babe, absolutely stunning girl, i would love to knock her up and marry her.