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Lol 10 months ago
The lady looks like a fish
Iceman 9 months ago
I could not fuck her. Her face and eyes are jacked the fuck up
8 months ago
Can she look any uglier?
I need good porn 8 months ago
She is fucking ugly but she sorting like a fish wtf
sexy female /j 8 months ago
the girl looks like a cross-eyed fish. and at 2:42 she doesn't need to shake her head like shes in a blender dude its annoying af
Anonymous 8 months ago
That had me laughing so much around the 2:30 mark! What was that fucking reaction? If your going to have sex, you don't need to twitch so much because your on camera, just go with the flow and stop this atrocious acting. It isn't sexy, it's just goofy.
9 months ago
She's ugly but I'd pay her to squirt in my mouth
5 months ago
Lmfao this googly-eyed bitch needs to shut the hell up and stop trying to put on such a show. Couldn’t make it past 3 minutes because I was laughing too much.
6 months ago
can someone make me squirt like that
5 months ago
She has such great potential but its like she's putting it on, he clearly can't give her what she needs in my opinion