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Grus 10 months ago
eh Blacked is the fakest. The most annoying women over-acting.
They look good so it gets the job done but then feels so cheap after..
bolin 10 months ago
Girl in the second video annoying af
Cee cee 9 months ago
Im a female and uve never been more attracted to a femalw im my life the black chick ib the first video is just so sexy to me
9 months ago
Not one of these bitches came
Kind of Interesting 9 months ago
When you get a normal camera shot, these guys dicks look pretty average, if not a bit thin actually... the camera angle make a huge difference! Also, I hope these guys enjoy getting pee'd on cuz all these bitches were faking it to no end.
9 months ago
Whats the first black girls name?
Cat 6 months ago
Answer me this—why the fuck do men stop when girls say they’re cumming/start cumming? Like what is wrong with u
10 months ago
what a nasty dude
10 months ago
She was shaking
Shannon 10 months ago
These are the videos I love. Black men showing how good they can make our white pussies cum