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8 months ago
Lost my erection after watching it. I wonder if these kinda shoots mentally effects the porn stars
8 months ago
Shes a actor u fucking divs she was told before she started what would happen and she has got a safe word you must of typed something sick in the search engine to come across it u mongoles
Suga 8 months ago
The face slapping was so excessive like wtf
laura 8 months ago
Why should he slap her like that It's not nice or sexy I hate men who do this
Slut 8 months ago
That made my cunt very wet
wtf 8 months ago
thats is ra pe
V0RT3X 8 months ago
thats fucked up u fucking pricks
9 months ago
Trial for war crimes by UN for waterboarding
They bitches 8 months ago
They bitches
Mhmmm 8 months ago
Literally one of my favorite videos of all time. I love the way they slap her