Fucked by moms friend

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Frannie 6 years ago
I fuck all of my mom's boyfriends. Sbe doesn't know. I steal her weed and her men!
Jimbo 2 years ago
I love older experienced women especially the one's going through a divorce or already divorced. They like revenge fuck you and want you to pound them hard not caring about the size of your dick or pain. They also quick to take it anally and will allow you to fill the pussy up with cum you don't have to wear a rubber. No pregnancy worries!
Her name is 5 years ago
Sonnie Daye. She hasn't done very much. The full version of this video is on here if you search her name.
Love 6 years ago
How many boy friend ur mom have
Shitty movie 7 years ago
Moms friend my ass. She's a fucking teen!
Ashe 7 years ago
Great anal.
2 years ago
such a nice cock!
YourDaddy 2 years ago
Back in the day they had that lame music but it was something hotter. Like a lot of the girls enjoyed it and you could tell they were Horny. Now the girls can meet guys so easy on line and have cellphone so they are so ran through that porn just becomes work and the have to act like they are having fun. Sometimes they aren’t even wet if you look close or they have to use lube.
tigercat 8 years ago
her name is summer. she had a great scene with jack napier.
Tasha 3 years ago
My moms bf took my virginity, my mom let me have some drinks with them, I went to bed and woke up with him playing with me and my mom saying its ok just let him it will be fun. after that there was at least 10 "friends" that I fucked, never asked my mom now, but think she was paid by them for me. Mom is totally different now and we never bring it up