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Dan 3 years ago
Boy this idiot photographer sure gets in the way a lot. What a prick let the woman be a sexy woman you fucking moron.
Carl 3 years ago
Exactly what my wife needs
AsshyCom 8 years ago
Wow, hot stuff!
2 years ago
I would have been fucking them
Joey Dawgz 5 years ago
Dominic 2 years ago
This chap is REALLY interesting; I've seen numbers of his videos and they are all LOVELY!
larry 7 years ago
Ha ha 2 years ago
Ok pal al do it tonight if you dare
1 year ago
Glad to see the interaction between him and his lovely ladies - 99% of his posted videos just show solo clips - this is much more interesting
RitaBalleau 2 years ago
Wimpy talks too much! Couldn't watch it!