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all of you 6 years ago
all of you complaining about how she looks, she's completely normal, maybe you should go back to your plastic barbies and leave the real girls to those that appreciate them
Fig the newt 3 years ago
Her pinkie said would you like tea with your anal sir?
3 years ago
Yeah. She is hot.
2 years ago
She is hot
ComradeB 1 year ago
Some of u mother fuckers typing heinous shitt gotta be boring ass suburban normies. 0 says she wouldn't fuck 9/10 of u bc yr not remotely her type. Bet another 0 she wouldn't type nasty shitt if any of u were on screen. Shittiest/ugliest dude she's fucked is 100% a catch compared to any of u

Imagine having the need to completely berate a woman in porn bc you're not attracted to her lol. Like the fucking girl is sitting there waiting for your approval/dick. Clear inadequacy issues lol
did you his hand 6 years ago
did you his hand shaking when he put in her pussy wtf that must be one good feeling pussy she has
Sooo 6 years ago
Those boobs look like they got a low IQ
ethan 5 years ago
That's beans 5 years ago
I'm fucking crying at these comments
2 years ago
Id do her