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Ha! 5 years ago
I doubt this is her first time doing anything
Wtf 5 years ago
There's nothing "sexy" about this aside from the fact their fucking... she's ugly, he fucks like he's a goat stuck in a fence, and she sounds worse than Fran Drescher.
Will 5 years ago
Wtf? Does she not realize she being fucked? And wtf is so funny??? Crack whore!!
Yuck!!! 5 years ago
She looks like an infested public toilet seat!
2 years ago
Nothing worse than a worn out old white trailer trash whore trying to sound black when she talks trash
3 years ago
If she would shut the FUCK up it would've been ok
Hey 5 years ago
The whore needed some money.
Jeffco 5 years ago
"i don't need to be fuckin' for 20 and 25 minutes and all that..." MY NIGGA!!! i got 5 good minutes for ya!
Anonymous 3 years ago
Damn I’ll fuck the shit out of that chick. What’s her name. She’s cute and she has a nice body. Damn
Sinclair 2 years ago
Why would anyone fuck this bitch??