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00negro 3 years ago
Small??? Maybe by African standards.
Wayne 3 years ago
Dont know about small i would say he has a normal sized cock we dont all star in porn you know average uk cock size 5--6inch hard .and thats a fact google it. Small ha ha ha ha
Fuck off 3 years ago
Haters gonna hate on this dude....
OK GUYS 2 years ago
This woman has a smaller pussy without being petite. That's not a bad thing. Not every woman has an upper sized pornstar pussy that can take a pounding from a big dick. My Wife has trouble getting her fingers around mine , I'm no longer than this guy is. Took me months to bottom out in my wife's tiny pussy. Knew her for years , before licking and popping her 28year old pussy. Took 20 min to get 1/2 a dick in. 6 orgasms later I shot hot cum inside her and got her Sunday School Ass hooked!
Willy 2 years ago
NOT Mia Khalifa
2 years ago
I love sucking small cock because mine is so small makes me feel like I have a big one. But I love a big one in my ass and jerking off while riding it.