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3 years ago
This guy is definitely my favourite actor. He’s acting is actually really good (part from the sex) wich makes it more realistic and also I don’t think there is anything more attractive than a guy with tattoos that is being rough. He never makes me disappointed.
My dick 3 years ago
My dick wasn't ready for the sudden cut in scenes jesus fucking christ.
3 years ago
That's exactly how I like to be fucked! I love when a guy goes fast and nearly chokes me to death!! I cum almost instantly like that! Just fucked myself with a cucumber while watching this! Hit the big O twice!
Bunny 1 year ago
Am I the only one who thought it was funny asf when the video cut from her talking about stealing gum to her getting throat fucked
Ho#64 3 years ago
Holy shit that was hotter than hell
Horny Mike 3 years ago
I would love to fuck a woman like that all night long. Just can't find a woman who can last that long
Alex 3 years ago
Who is he.... He's fucking hot
Harambe 1 year ago
After this scene, he studied and got his full ride to Harvard, to later become bill gates
Kels 3 years ago
I love to watching this man fuck.
3 years ago
Who is he?