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3 years ago
Some people do NOT know what the term "chubby" means if this is what they consider chubby.
Freddy 3 years ago
If this is chubby then you have a warped sense of what a human body should look like.
James 3 years ago
His tennis swing is crap
Melius 2 years ago
Chubby? She’s perfect except for the stupid tattoos.
Hayley 3 years ago
What a woman! Yes, I think she is divine too. I could spend hours making love with her.
2 years ago
She’s not chubby at all, she’s between thin and medium, with a thin layer of body fat to keep her healthy, and smooth.
Shamirr 3 years ago
Very nice
Carlafan 3 years ago
It looks like she came pretty hard while getting fucked in her ass, cause she lost her breath and wasn't being noisy-then all of a sudden she collapsed. One of my favorite new discoveries. Gotta love the Russian chicks!
jake 3 years ago
she's just perfect
Thicc lover 3 years ago
Chubby means when their bmi is over 25.0 term refered to as "skinny fat". Which appears skinny on outside but when undressed looks fat af.