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3 years ago
Lol her face after he whizzed on her. She was like " couldn't have like done that in a tissue or something?" I'm deeeeaaaaddddddd
3 years ago
He looks like Dhalsim from Street Fighter II
She smelled HIS LOAD lol 3 years ago
She smelled HIS LOAD lol
aka tess 3 years ago
how do i get to meet this guy
Steve 3 years ago
Her tight pussy can't manage it. She'll have trouble giving birth!
sexy 3 years ago
im horny. i wanna fuck someone
3 years ago
My bf's penis is big & thick like this, and I love it. Because it's so thick, it makes perfect contact with my clit, so he barely has to move his big bulbous penis head, and I'm getting off into orbit with an epic fucking orgasm within 20 seconds.....I fucking swear-to-god! That ridge on his head is so sexy! Bullshit to women who say that size doesn't matter, because I discovered just the opposite.....that size matters a hell of a lot!
3 years ago
I want to get fucked
cob 3 years ago
stupid bitch
3 years ago
Okay but he should have shoved it straight in. I would’ve taken it.