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1 year ago
Lol she didn't want to suck his finger & what ugly tits the second girl has
Wow that's bad 12 months ago
Only good for ass fucking. Can't suck dick for sh!t, can't spit or swallow ffs
Dr.Phill 11 months ago
Bitch got a tail growing
Lol 8 months ago
All these dudes talking about how she can’t suck a dick… That dick is bigger then her entire mouth… who would be able to!?
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SUCK the fucking dick not bite it. Some of the dumbest sh!t I ever seen a chick do. I'd just bust and leave at that point.
11 months ago
Damn that ass looks good with a cock in it.
6 months ago
Man was trying to grab ass that wasn’t even there
Kashi 6 months ago
I like sex
coin coin 1 year ago
miss bousole ?
Bruh 5 months ago
What a fat nut this was. She sucks at...sucking, but that ass looks amazing with a fat cock in it