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durt 3 years ago
you think she gave him a mint from her purse after he fucked her?...
Porn is fun 6 years ago
Did that bitch have 1 and a half boob
3 years ago
This shit was mad funny she said “show me what you got nigger”
Sliks 1 year ago
Black men are just gross
Stop Granny 7 years ago
She is messing with my farm equipment. I don't want him to be sold on the black market,no pun intended. He's the only descent cotton picker I've got.
Eww 7 years ago
She is that nasty granny who told Howard Stern she fucks dogs too.
1 year ago
I’m not going to lie, he nasty af yo
therottingone 10 years ago
this is granny annie. she was featured on the Howard Stern show a while back. in her interview, she states that she has sex with dogs!! check out the interview on u tube.
Jussafella 5 years ago
IR disgusting
bilo 6 years ago
Africans will fuck anything,,, White boys dont do Africans, those beasts are nasty.