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Hmmmm 3 years ago
Honestly, for a porn actress. She’s pretty damn good at ACTING. Good for her lol!
Confused 3 years ago
This video makes me sad and horny. I am confused.
Surprised Wanker 3 years ago
Why is this so well done? I came here to fuckin nut but I stayed for the story, like, did you see the way he looks into the distance at 6.26? Someone directed this like a magician.
papi 3 years ago
better acting then netflix series
cumonMyfist 3 years ago
I muted the crying scene, she deserves an award for her cry on demand acting chops
3 years ago
That tongue makes me wet
3 years ago
Yo, her acting is legit. The fuck she doing it in porn? Like, I’m grateful but shit. Legit actress!
3 years ago
Instructions unclear. Dick stuck in toaster.
BigRichPan81 3 years ago
how do you become a guidance councilor?
3 years ago
This is wrong....