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Nobody 2 years ago
She is Awesome
She is hot 2 years ago
She isn't fat. I'd bang her till she couldn't take it anymore.
Jay_basse on Instagram 2 years ago
She really not fat that what you call thick af I'd fuck the shit outta her
XYZ 2 years ago
What's that turbo noise from her mouth?!! Lol! Sounds like a Japanese R34 GTR blow off valve sound!
teen? 2 years ago
she's like 40
Read my comment 2 years ago
Does anyone else think she sounds like your dogs squeeker toy
Peter rabbit 2 years ago
She’s the real deal. So she’s 40 hammerhead. She sucks and fucks like a champ. She loves
having a stiff, throbbing cock slid in her wet cunt. I bet she’d take it in the ass also. Imagine
waking up every morning to those ta tas rolling over and locking on to her huge nipples for an
hour or so. Followed by a sloppy bj while you are finger fucking her pussy and asshole at the
same time. You could take her home to Dad too. She’d love to fuck him.
Name 2 years ago
2 years ago
What a lush body. Those tits are huge, round, fleshy, fabulous. A guy could cum just from touching them. They're so big they can't be sufficiently painted with one cum load. But after resting a few minutes, with her body, a guy should have no trouble getting it up again for another round.
Sex 1 year ago
I would want to fuck the life out of her